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JFE aims to provide high quality, fashionable and affordable riding options for every rider. Our mission is to bridge the gap between durability and style, ensuring that riders can look and feel their best both in and out the saddle. 

Having worked in the equestrian world as a freelance groom and professional clipper for over a decade, I understand the importance of clothing that can withstand the demands of daily horse care and riding - without breaking the bank. I’ve worked diligently over the past two years, designing and testing samples to create a line of clothing that combines functionality, durability, and style. Our collection includes a range of clothing, specifically designed to address common issues faced by equestrians. We have paid attention to the fit: ensuring our breeches and leggings stay in place without falling down because of our tailored waistband or riding up too high at the ankle with our longer leg option breeches. 

This is only the beginning and we can't wait for you to join our adventure!

Jess X

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